Edmonton Orthodontic Careers

We’re always looking for motivated individuals to join our team at Expressions Orthodontics or Fort Ortho! If you have current or previous experience and have been or looking to work in a fast paced and fun ortho environment, we’d love to hear from you! Visit www.ratemds.com to see what our patients say about their experience at our offices. All candidates must send a resume and cover letter to be considered for our open positions using the form below. You can use the form for traditional attachments AND/OR a video pitch!

A Note on Video Submissions:

  • Maximum Time Limit: 2 Minutes

  • Please state your name and tell us a bit about yourself

  • Tell us about your previous experience that shows us how great you are with customer service

  • If this is a sales position you are applying for - do you have any previous sales experience?  If so, tell us about what you sold and why you were successful.

  • From what you’ve seen, what do you like most about our office and team?

  • Tell us something fun about yourself?  Perhaps a hobby or something that makes you unique? What is your secret power?