Your best Smile Faster!
Edmonton: Meet ACCELERATED Orthodontics  


With the advent of new technologies, decreasing the treatment time of your orthodontic care is now a reality.

With Expressions Accelerated Orthodontic treatment options, get your best smile faster!  

Typically, traditional orthodontic treatments take between 18–36 months to implement. This time depends on a variety of factors, of course, such as the distances the teeth need to be moved, treatment goals, the type of techniques employed and the unique situation of each patient.  Accelerated orthodontics is broad treatment label that uses new technologies to reduce treatment time. With Accelerated orthodontics, teeth are moved into place much faster than with traditional braces and orthodontic treatments alone.

Is it really faster? 

Yes. It takes much less time than traditional methods to get desired results.  While conventional braces can take up to 3 years to fully enhance your smile, accelerated orthodontics reduce that time, often taking under 10 months to provide similar results. 

How Does it Work?  

Accelerated orthodontics uses proven periodontal and orthodontic treatments for maximized results. When used with suitable candidates, Accelerated orthodontics offers aesthetic appeal, increased comfort, while reducing the time needed for treatment. At Edmonton’s Expressions Orthodontics, Dr. Sunny Leong has received special training to provide these accelerated treatment options using Propel. Propel is a minimally invasive procedure that is used in a local area to reduce treatment times by up to 50%. 

Are You a Candidate for Accelerated Orthodontics?

Find out by contacting us today to schedule your initial in-depth consultation. Dr. Leong and his dedicated team of highly-qualified, friendly professionals will be happy to help! We want you to be confident with your smile while undergoing treatments. That’s why we offer a wide variety of aesthetic treatment options, including self-ligating appliances, invisible ceramic braces, and Invisalign®.