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Dental Technology at Expressions Orthodontics

Modern dental technology has revolutionized orthodontic care, giving our Edmonton orthodontists access to incredible tools and equipment that help prevent, diagnose, and treat various orthodontic and general oral health conditions. Thanks to continuous advancements in digital and laser dental technology, orthodontists can create highly accurate digital images, make realistic digital impressions, detect and treat health concerns, and create restorative orthodontic appliances in less time and with more precision.

CBCT Scanner

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanners have changed the way we take X-rays at Expressions Orthodontics. This innovative digital X-ray machine allows our orthodontic professionals to take 3D images of dental and orthodontic structures, nerve paths, bone, and soft tissues in the craniofacial region all in one scan. This scanner is very useful in creating efficient treatment plans for orthodontics and orthognathic surgery, as it gives our Miller orthodontists a complete picture of a patient’s craniofacial health in real time.

iTero Scanner

The innovative and popular iTero scanner is what our orthodontists use to create Invisalign treatment plans and custom-crafted clear aligner trays at Expressions Orthodontics. We also use the iTero scanner to take digital impressions for retainers to maximize comfort and convenience for our patients in the Edmonton area. This handheld wand captures images of the teeth and gums and is specifically programmed to work with Invisalign’s Outcome Stimulator and Program Assessment tool, which helps our orthodontists create reliable and accurate treatment plans for patients looking to straighten their smile quickly, efficiently, and discreetly.

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