The Right Age for Care

Age is just a number… especially when it comes to your smile! There are no age requirements or limits when it comes to enjoying the advantages of a beautiful, vibrant smile. Whether you are considering the benefits of orthodontic care for yourself or for a loved one, our North Edmonton practice is here to meet your needs.

Orthodontics for Young Children

Early treatment is important for your child’s oral health and self-confidence.

The advantage of early diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems is great, and can eliminate a lot of time, money, and stress in the future. Dr. Leong recommends that children have their first orthodontic examination by age 7 to assess potential problems.  By correcting small problems in the early stages, bigger problems are prevented down the road. Signs of potential orthodontic problems in young children may not be initially visible or obvious, so we recommend an initial exam.

Signs that indicate an orthodontic exam may be needed in young children. 

  • early or late loss of teeth,
  • difficulty chewing,
  • mouth-breathing,
  • sucking on fingers/pacifiers,
  • crowded or overly spaced teeth,
  • jaw dysfunction (including sunken or protruding jaw),
  • misaligned teeth

By quickly detecting potential problems, the Expression Orthodontics team can move quickly to correct them.  We provide early space maintenance and early correction in crossbite cases in hopes of minimizing two phase treatments.  Two phase treatment is the process of applying braces or another form of treatment to a child’s deciduous teeth (baby teeth) and possibly again after facial and dental development has stopped.

If you have a young child, please contact us to discuss their needs. 


Orthodontics for Adolescents in Edmonton

Today’s braces are more comfortable, and more stylish than in the past.

Young people in Alberta have enough to deal with growing up – the last thing they should worry about is their smile.  A beautiful smile is an important factor in developing the confidence and self-esteem to grow into a happy and healthy adult.  This is an opportune time for orthodontic treatment and care, as teeth can be corrected easier at a younger age.  The quicker the teeth move, the less time in braces… and the happier the teenager!

Orthodontic treatment benefits a wide variety of conditions such as an overbite, underbite, dysfunctional smile, or a sunken/protruding chin.  Correcting these problems is essential for proper tooth and jaw alignment, which is the key to great long term oral health.

If you have a teenager who needs orthodontics care, please contact us to discuss their needs.  

Orthodontics for Adults in Edmonton

Your smile reflects you as an individual, so why not make the best impression you can? You feel great, and your smile should show it.

Dr. Sunny Leong believes it is never too late to enjoy a vibrant smile.  From young professionals, stay-at-home parents, students, even the retired — Expressions Orthodontics has helped adults of all ages benefit from a great smile.

More adults are realizing their opportunity for orthodontic treatment every day.  Teeth sometimes continue to shift, even as we age, which can lead to misalignment.  This is very common, even if you had braces earlier in life.  Technology has advanced in the orthodontic field to the point where results are much quicker and attainable through different types of treatment.  Clear and tooth-colored braces have revolutionized braces for adults by making them more aesthetically pleasing, and nearly invisible.

Changing the position of your teeth and jaw has other beneficial effects, as well. By repositioning the teeth and jaw, lips can appear fuller and skin can appear tighter.  Lips and cheeks are supported by our teeth, making orthodontic treatment an ideal way to achieve greater facial aesthetic or symmetry without surgery or the extraction of teeth. 

If you would like to learn more about our Orthodontics services for adults, please contact us to discuss your needs.